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I've tried a few things that have not worked 100%, but I have learned along the way.  This website is not one of those ideas, but rather a place for me, family and friends to learn more about hosting a web site, sharing information and posting opinions.

If you find God, Country and middle class Americans offensive, please leave. (At least the site, preferably the country)  If you disagree with me intelligently, please contact me - that's what the web is all about.  Finally, if you agree with me, seek help (just kidding) - contact me as well.

The Picroski general family email:  sjc-at-nibbleandbit-dot-com
I did not put a direct mailto link or a proper format as the last time I did that, the account received a ton of spam.  Drop an e-mail here and I will forward to the personal email account

There will be more coming in time.
  1. Before and After Clicking on a link - Warning
  2. Lottery Index - My Winnings!
  3. Classical High School Pics
  4. Second Congregational Church, Derby CT
  5. My resume
  6. Some of my opinions
  7. Satire (written by me....)
  8. My book - Written in 1998, I found out how many people want to feed off of aspiring authors. (This item is proof of Murphy's Law in my life)
  9. One of my first tries at ASP vs JavaScript and my second page - lame but I am learning & Lame Third Page  Session Variable Testing Page 
  10. Image Map - demo & software testing
  11. Horrible Scopes version 0.1 - meaning not done, but what I have so far works!
  12. Old Stuff - Started on other systems and later brought to The Web
  13. Geek Stuff
  14. Lists of Lists
  15. A revised copy of my old site which is being phased out. & old Pics Page (on the new site)
  16. Albums - Misc & TFT Pics
  17. My History Index
  18. The U.S. Senate
  19. Merry Christmas 2008
  20. T.E.A. Parties Hartford 7/4/09 - New Haven 4/15/10 -
  21. 9/11 Memorial -
  22. Album of Pets for Mom - Upload a picture
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